Paralympics 2018: Everything you need to know about upcoming Games

On Friday, March 9, in South Korea’s Pyeongchang will start the Paralympic games competition, which this time will gather 48 countries from around the world. Among them were the Ukrainian team.

Ahead of the Games we offer more details to meet them along the way to assess Ukraine’s chances in the upcoming competitions. And they certainly have. And quite high.

Why such a name?

Originally the name was associated with the term paraplegia (paralysis of lower limbs). Reason: in the beginning the competition was held among people with spinal cord injuries.

Later, from the time when the Games started to involve athletes with other diseases the name has been rethought as “nearby, out of the Olympics”. In other words, the parallelism and equality of Paralympic competitions with Olympic.

Initially, the term Paralympics was applied informally. For example, Games of 1960 officially called Ninth international Stoke-on Another games.

The first games, which officially used the term Paralympics was a game in 1964. Finally , the term “Paralympics” was officially enshrined, since the Games in 1988.


Now about the unusual title, “Stoke-on Another game.” This is the name of a rehabilitation hospital, where he worked Ludwig Guttmann – the founder of the Games, which became the prototype of the future of the Paralympics.

It is called the “father of sport for people with disabilities”.

In 1948 Guttmann organized a sports competition for British veterans, who returned after WWII with the defeat of the spinal cord.

These games got the name “Stoke-on Another”.

The British Stoke-on Another games were held annually. In 1952 took part in the competition team of athletes in wheelchairs from the Netherlands, and the games became international. Competition 1952 consisted of 130 participants.

In 1960 in Timesalways IX Stoke-on Another game. They were open not just for veterans of war and are considered the first official Paralympic games. In the capital of Italy competed 400 athletes in wheelchairs from 23 countries.

The first winter Paralympic games were held in 1976 in örnsköldsvik. In them participated not only wheelchair users, but also athletes from other categories of disability.

Summer Paralympic games of 1976held in Toronto, Canada, have gathered 1,600 participants from 40 countries, thereby entering history.

In 1982 was created the Coordination Council of the international sports organizations for the disabled – ICC.

In 1989 was created the international Paralympic Committee (IPC). In 1993, the Coordinating Board has transferred to him his powers.

In 1988 for the summer Paralympics was first used the same objects, which hosted the Olympic competitions.

In 1992 winter Paralympics were held in the same city (French Albertville), and the Olympics, and in the same arenas, and Olympic competitions.

In 2001 , the international Olympic Committee (IOC) and international Paralympic Committee (IPC) signed a landmark agreement. According to him, since 2008, the Paralympics should be held in the same year and use the same objects as the Olympic games.

While the Paralympic games are organized by the same organizing Committee, and Olympic, and funded from the same sources.

De facto , this procedure was used, starting from the games of 2002.

Sports at the winter Paralympics-2018

In the program of the Paralympic games included six sports disciplines that make up a four winter sport. Biathlon Curling Skiing

A) skiing

B) Ski race

C) Para-snowboard Sledge hockey

What is para-snowboarding?

A modified version of the snowboard with the rules, equipment and technical standards, adapted for people with physical limitations.

Included in the program of the Paralympic games in 2014.

Competitions are held for people with physical disabilities: spinal lesions, cerebral palsy, amputation or visual impairment.

The judging is organized by classes based on functional limitations snowboarders.

There are three main categories of para-snowboarders: standing, sitting and visually impaired athletes.

What is sledge hockey?

Analogue ice hockey for people with disabilities. Participants play on a special sleigh.

At the Paralympics in 2018 will be played 80 sets of medals. This is for 8 sets morethan the previous Games in Sochi.

The logo and mascot of the Paralympics-2018

The logo of the Games symbolises the world open to everyone. It blends images of ice and snow, stars, winter sports and people from all over the world coming together in Pyeongchang.

Talisman Games – Asiatic black bear , Panjabi. It symbolizes the strong will and courage.

The name of the bear is formed from two Korean words “pandal” and “PI (bi)”. The first means “Crescent”, and the second celebration of the Games.


At the Games-2018 will be presented toyou in 48 countries.

For the first time in the Paralympic winter games will participate Georgia and North Korea. In addition, after a break of 12 years in the Games will perform the national team of Estonia.

Features of Russia’s participation

In August 2016, the IOC suspended the Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC) from the Games in Rio de Janeiro.

In December 2017 the extended suspension RCC. Reasoning: the Russian side has not fulfilled all obligations for restoration of membership.

At the end of January 2018 , it became known that Russian Paralympic athletes are allowed to participate in Games in the status “Neutral Paralympic athlete” with NO mention of Russia.

Ukrainian team at the Paralympics in 2018

Ukraine will represent 33 of a Paralympic athlete. They will compete in three disciplines: ski racing, biathlon and Alpine skiing.

Ukraine first participated in the Paralympics in 1996 at the summer Games in Atlanta.

Ukrainian athletes won 90 medals at the winter Paralympics.

The national team of Ukraine at the Games in 2018:

As stated by the Minister of sport Igor Zhdanov during the solemn wires of the Ukrainian team in Pyeongchang, award medal set in these sizes:

– gold – 125 thousand dollars;

– silver – 80 thousand dollars;

– for the third – 55 thousand dollars.