Oscar-jet-ski-gag increases Arizona resort


Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar-night hosting duties led to an unintended boost for an Arizona-vacation resort.

Kimmel Lake Havasu mentioned as part of a gag to promote Oscar-winners to keep their speeches short.

He offered the winner with the shortest speech, a free jet-ski, and to sweeten then two nights at Lake Havasu Days Inn “the pot”.

The hotel then offered to all the nominees, not to take home a Oscar take a free-night’s stay at the place.

“We believe they are tweeted all the winners,” the official Days Inn account.

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A representative of the Lake Havasu hotel, told The Wrap that Kimmel had mentioned the Oscar night, there came a surprise and that he would get “a lot of calls”.

The spokesman said the hotel had received, in the region of 50 to 75 additional calls to the “cool advertising.”

Google recorded an increase of searches for Lake Havasu, according to Kimmel, the resort mentioned, during the transfer.


Mark Bridges, who received the Oscar for best costume design for the Phantom Thread, picking up the jet ski and the promise of a trip to his acceptance speech lasted only 36 seconds.

“Can you believe it?” Bridges, called after the ceremony. “I came for an Oscar and went home with a jet-ski.

“You just never know where life is going to take you.”

The costume designer added that he knew but how he say the transport of the jet-ski to the house: “Tomorrow is a new day, we will find out.”

Lake Havasu Visitor Center told TMZ, she would even stay the extension of the bridges “, an all-expenses paid trip, where he spoke to local universities during his visit.

Some thought Kimmel was funny in the city, a popular destination during America’s “Spring Break”, which labels itself “Arizona’s Playground.”

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Could the sights, the nominated bridges, and the other Oscar, to see, to the Arizona holiday resort London Bridge is broken down: and moved to the city in 1971.

In Lake Havasu City founder and entrepreneur Robert P McCulloch the highest bid of $2.46 m (£1.78 m) put for the concrete structure, after the bridge had begun to sink into the river Thames.You may also like:
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