“Oscar-2018”: good face on a bad game?

The stars of “Bonnie and Clyde” will give a second chance

Last year a Grand confusion on the “Oscars” you try to forget how terrible dream. But the organizers of this anniversary ceremony, decided, on the contrary, bring bright light to the unprecedented scandal of mixed-up envelopes.

Well, it is peculiar to the show business to beat the mistake in a humorous way, to fit it into the context of entertainment shows and thereby make the best of a very bad game.

“We don’t treat cancer”

So, as reported by knowledgeable insiders, the evening of March 4 at the stage of the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles once again to present the major awards will come out of the legendary “Bonnie and Clyde”, with Warren Beatty and faye dunaway.

It is they, the presenters of the main awards, last year gave the scene the wrong envelope one of the employees of the audit firm that supports the Oscar marathon. And instead of the true winner of the film “Moonlight” to obtain the prize called “fake” winner, the creators of the musical “La La land”. It turns out that the employee enthusiastically scribbled on the smartphone tweets and in the hurry I mixed up the envelopes.