Mitsubishi Outlander updates bring 2.4-liter, hybrid engine to increase

Mitsubishi has given its Outlander plug-in hybrid, a larger petrol engine, with the promise that they offer you better performance and better fuel economy.

Revealed at the Geneva motor show, the 2018 model has received a 2.4-litre petrol engine in place of the current 2.0-liter unit. Mitsubishi says that this new four-cylinder engine offers better torque and smoother operation and reduced emissions.

The Outlander PHEV from the electric motor, which has two electric motors, has been updated. There is a 10% boost to the output of the generator and the rear of the engine torque supply, while the 13.8 kWh in the car, the battery is 15% bigger to provide more power.

Even if the specifications are still to be confirmed, 2018 Outlander PHEV is therefore expected to lower the NEDC rated 41 g/km of CO2, and increase of official 144mpg output version, while also a bit of time from his 11sec 0-62mph sprint. It is likely that the current car is 33 miles of pure electric range will increase.

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The new car maintains the previous Outlander PHEV is Normal and Four-wheel-drive mode and gains Sport and Snow settings. The Sport increases the powertrain responses, while the Snow improves traction by juggling a pair for each wheel.

Visual changes to the Outlander include new daytime running lights, a more prominent front grille and a new front skid plate. There are also new 18in wheels and a new rear spoiler.

Mitsubishi has also updated the car’s dashboard with a new instrument panel, while the rear passengers are now provided with their mouths.

Pricing for the updated Outlander PHEV is not yet confirmed, but is expected to increase slightly from the current entry point of € 34,805. European sales will begin this year.

The Outlander PHEV is the best plug-in SUV for sale, having been purchased in more than 140,000 units throughout the world. 100,000 of those units that went to Europe.

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