Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, in 2020 with at least a 630bhp’

Mercedes-AMG is launching its toughest and most extreme variant of the GT in 2020 in the Black Series moniker.

The future range topping car, the first confirmed in the 2016 AMG boss Tobias Moers, is now in the phase of development and are fighting to receive the AMG turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine in a state of harmony with at least 630bhp.

This is the amount offered by the current most powerful AMG model with unit, recently revealed GT 4-door Coupe. Any growth that should ensure the Black Series dwarfs peak output offered by the current GT champion, the 577bhp GT R. it would also be the edge to one of the most radical supercar, the 690bhp Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

The GT Black Series’ extra grunt will be accompanied by a more focused chassis and aerodynamic set-up. Recently spotted the development car dressed up in a GT-R apparel at the Nürburgring is believed to be part of the Black Series, in the test programme, and offers some clues as to what is to come.

The test GT is wearing the most extreme of bodywork that borrows parts from AMG GT4 race car, with a fixed rear wing and exhaust exits now more distant in the speaker of their normal central position. These changes will be to improve the downforce at the rear of the car. Without a doubt, similar to the adjustment of the pressure features will be added to the front to ensure the car has a balance that is suitable for track work, while larger brakes and wider wheels are also expected.

Also visible on the test car is also made of polycarbonate, rear glass, which will save weight. Its use suggests several other means for the cut pieces, will be fitted to the Black Series, while the non-essential parts could be abandoned. Inside the photographed car development are a pair of sport seats and a roll cage. Even if the latter is available as an option for the GT-R, is likely to be standard on the Black Series.

A programme of installation to ensure the GT the Black Series tips the scales at around 1600kg, which would make it 30 kg lighter than the GT-R. Add this diet for the V8’s extra horsepower and the Black Series seems destined to become AMG’s fastest production model of this side of his character highly exclusive Project of A hypercar.

2020 the arrival of the GT Black Series will mark a return to AMG’s most extreme moniker after a break of seven years. The latest Black Series model was based on the SLS, and entered production in 2013.

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