Kiev warned of falling snow and icicles from roofs

In Kiev there are 35 special teams to clear the roof of snow and icicles. This was reported by the correspondent on the air “112 Ukraine”.

“In Kiev to clear the roof of snow and icicles, already employs 35 specially created teams, that’s 100 people. In the struggle with ice use 30 aerial platforms and special climbing gear. Rescuers say that on clearing one house spend up to 4 hours, depending on complexity. They say that the process is not too fast. To protect yourself from falling icicles and ice, I advise you to go from the house at a distance of 3-5 m, not to go beyond the restrictive tape. The vehicle owners are advised not to Park their cars close to home,” he said.

Earlier the Kyiv city administration warned that in the next three days, 6, 7 and 8 of March in Kiev, expect the freezing rain and significant temperature drop compared to last week, which could lead to possible falling snow and icicles from roofs.