In the Kiev apartment of the famous writer filled with hot water

In Kiev on Monday, March 5, without heating remained a multi-storey house in which lived the famous writer Andrey Kurkov, according to TSN.

Over the apartment of the writer, a pipe burst a few hours and residents could not reach the utility to stop the flood.

It is noted that the neighbour, who single-handedly snuck into the boiler room and turned off the heating.

“A fun morning. Somewhere in the 10 am start to drip hot water, and then poured as from a bucket. And we started to demolish. Don’t have time,“ says the writer.

In Kiev Obolon flooded yard due to break pipes

“The chandelier fell. That is, all the classically – you can shoot a film-catastrophe. Well, what it was nobody,“ says the writer.

A few hours after the call, the plumber came, but he said that the attic will not climb as it pressure. Neighbor Alexey independently blocked the flow of water. And put forward his version of the causes of the accident.

“It was not heating, but the water is not lowered, and then given the heat. A pipe in the attic pozamerzali, and this heat these pipes broke. That is, broke the ice, and now what you want to do,“ says Alexey.

During the visit, journalists Kurkova called back from the KSCA and promised to help with the repair. Before the story aired, residents of the infamous house said that it really did come out the plumbing of the housing Department. He said – calculate how much it will cost to repair the pipe and change it. At the expense of tenants.