Donald trump is impoverished

The US President has dropped to 222 lines in a rating of billionaires of Forbes magazine

The size of the state of the US President Donald trump last year decreased by $ 400 million, reaching $ 3.1 billion.

Because of this, his position in the annual rating of billionaires of Forbes magazine, published on Tuesday, fell by 222 lines.

If in 2017 trump was considered a 544-m the richest man in the world, then in 2018 he took only 766-e a place. The cost of the state trump fell for a second consecutive year.

Lower the position of the trump in the ranking of billionaires Forbes magazine occurred on the background of the discovery of 35 new individuals, which is a record for this list.

The richest man in the world was the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos. His fortune is estimated at $ 112 billion, which is 39.2 billion more than last year.

It is followed by Microsoft founder bill gates ($90 billion) and investor Warren Buffett (84 billion).