‘We love you, we miss you and we want you home’

Alan Potter, 53, was last seen in Madden Avenue in Mildura at about 4.45 pm yesterday after a co-worker dropped him off in his ute.

Mr. Potter, a carpenter of employees with CPM building Contractors, has not been seen or heard since then.

His family fear that something terrible has happened to him, because his mobile phone, he was meticulous about keeping charged, and always answered, had been turned off.

“It just goes straight to message bank when you try to call, and that is very strange, because he always keeps it on,” Kathy Potter told the news.com.au.

“Your coworker said that he dropped Alan off at his car, and then Alan ran back and banged on his (colleague) car because he’d left his keys behind, which had fallen out of his pocket or something.”

The police believe that he got in his white Holden Rodeo, but never came home.

“This is very different to my husband. He goes to work and drives directly to the house,” Mrs. Potter said.

“Sometimes you can ring me and say: ‘Honey you don’t need anything at home?”, but he has never not come home.

“I’m very concerned that maybe he’s been robbed or someone made him the unit and then hit and was in the car, anything could have happened.

“Is a 40-minute drive on a straight road and the police have not found anything. Have not found the ute and that I have not found my husband.”

Alan Potter’s wife Kathy (left) and her daughter Tasha say that it is very out of character for him to switch his phone off. Photo: Facebook

Ms. Potter said the colleague who left her husband in his car, he was regarded as a good person and trusted.

Mr. Potter is a devout Seventh-Day Adventist and his Facebook page is full of religious references.

His most recent publications relate to Doomsday and the “End of the Crisis”, a term that refers to the events that led to the “last day” and the “second coming”.

Mrs Potter said that her husband was very religious and regularly attended church. She recognized her preoccupation with the end times, but said she had no idea if his fears had any connection to his disappearance.

“He’s always concerned about what is going on in the world, always watching the news in your phone,” he said.

“That’s one of the reasons why we are so concerned is turned off.”

A Facebook of one of the Potter daughters, Tasha O’donnell, asking for help in the search for his father has been shared more than 800 times.

“This is very, very out of the ordinary for dad,” she wrote.

Alan Potter, 53, was last seen at 4.45 pm on 6 March by a colleague who dropped his vehicle at Madden Ave, Mildura. Photo: Facebook

The police has published a photo of a car similar to the one that Lord Potter is believed to travel in. It is described as a white Holden Rodeo with the registry SUC870.

He is described as caucasian in appearance, about 180 cm high, and medium brown/gray hair.

Anyone with information is urged to call Mildura Police Station on (03) 5018 5300.

The police issued a picture of a car similar to Alan Potter white Holden Rodeo, registration SUC 870. Photo: Victoria Police