Trump and Mei accused Russia and Syria in the tragedy of Eastern Guta

Assad said that the government offensive in Eastern ghouta continues

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad vowed Sunday that his troops would continue their assault on insurgents in Eastern ghouta, despite the criticism of the leaders of the US and the UK, who said that his actions led to a humanitarian catastrophe.

“The operation against terrorism should continue, but at the same time, the civilians will have the opportunity [to leave the combat zone],” said Assad told reporters. His speech was broadcast on state television.

“The contradictions between the truce and the fighting there, he said. – The progress made by the Syrian Arab army in Huta yesterday and the day before was achieved during this truce.”

Earlier on Sunday, the President of the United States Donald trump and British Prime Minister Theresa may concurred that Russia and Syria are responsible for “the heartbreaking human suffering” in the rebel-held area of Eastern ghouta near Damascus. This was reported in the office of the Prime Minister of great Britain.

Reportedly, the leaders of the two countries during a telephone conversation discussed the “dire humanitarian situation” close to the Syrian capital. Against this background, there was a message to UK-based human rights organization “Syrian Observatory for human rights” that the Syrian troops took control of more than a quarter of Eastern ghouta.

“They agreed with each other that we are talking about a humanitarian catastrophe and that the primary responsibility for the heartbreaking human suffering are the Syrian regime and Russia, as the main supporter of the regime”, – reported in the device may.

The white house has not yet released a statement in connection with a telephone conversation.

“Russia and other parties with influence on the Syrian regime, must take immediate action to stop the campaign of violence and protect civilians,” agreed Mae and trump, it is noted further, the communication apparatus may.

Attack Syrian troops was preceded by 15 days of air strikes on the rebels, who were accompanied by artillery fire and missile attacks. In the fighting killed at least 640 civilians.

The requirement of the UN Security Council to impose a 30-day truce, which was supported by Russia, for the most part ignored, though, Moscow has imposed a daily five-hour “humanitarian pause” to deliver aid and to ensure that civilians could leave the area. The UN said that they would try to deliver humanitarian aid to East ghouta on Monday.

In another telephone conversation the President of France Emmanuel macron called on Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to provide “the necessary pressure” on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to stop the “indiscriminate” attacks on civilians in Eastern ghouta.

In the administration of Macron said that Tehran has a special responsibility “because of its ties with the Syrian regime in the implementation plan humanitarian truce” being made by the UN.

“The two presidents agreed to work together in the coming days together with the UN, in conjunction with the regime in Damascus and the main countries involved in the conflict in Syria, to achieve results on the ground, supply the necessary assistance to the civilian population and implement effective cease-fire”, – reported in the office of the Macron.

“The Syrian Observatory for human rights” reported that Syrian forces approached the Duma, the main town in Eastern ghouta, a distance of three kilometers, capturing “more than 25 percent” of the region in the course of operations, which was largely conducted on agricultural lands.

Human rights defenders reported that during the night of clashes have killed at least 12 soldiers of the regime. On Saturday, they said that the bombing of the area by regime forces killed 18 civilians, including three children.