“This is the blow that had suffered trying to keep the ‘vulnerable’ resident kick the door of the house on the night of Friday”

A furious Langbroek, still sporting the bruises he suffered after the “crazed, terrifying, and violent” attack, which began at the politicians, saying that it had failed to clean up St Kilda in the face of the increasing rate of crime.

The comedian and host was certainly not of laughter, and challenged in the air to “stop the degradation” of St Kilda hill.

Speaking on his show with Dave Hughes, Hughesy and Kate, Langbroek said the terrifying random attack on Friday night was the last straw.

Langbroek said that her nanny, Annabelle, was walking to his car parked within 10 metres of Langbroek front door of the house — about 10 p.m. when a man tried to get into the passenger seat.

The man was screaming and swearing at her.

“The real vulnerable are the decent citizens of St Kilda,” Langbroek wrote in the tweet showing their bruises. Photo: Twitter/Kate Langbroek

Annabelle, terrified, he ran back to Langbroek of the house, is nailed on the front door, with the man behind her.

With Langbroek children and the nanny in the interior, the man that appeared “insane” — tried to enter the property after Langbroek’s husband, Peter, went out to investigate.

Langbroek has joined Peter at the door when the man saw them from the other side of the road, and the cries and the insults, he ran towards the house.

“He was fast as the madness, and it was there, in us,” she said.

She tied to close the door as the man fought with him. Realize that she has left the door open, Langbroek then ran to him, knocking once she was inside and the interference of his leg against her to strengthen it.

As he tried to kick the door, called the police, and Langbroek of the husband, still outside, he demanded the man get out on the street.

Once it did, the man was “so scattered, he simply went to the other side,” Peter said, adding that the man was still screaming and trying to gain access to other houses.

He called the police, and Langbroek said that about 12 officers came to take the man.

Later, she tweeted a photo, showing the large bruise on the arm, to the Victorian Housing minister Martin Foley.

“This is the blow that had suffered trying to keep the ‘vulnerable’ resident kick the door of the house on Friday night,” she wrote. “The real vulnerable are the decent citizens of St Kilda. We are waiting for your action.”

The attack comes amid growing problems in the area, which residents say have increased since the closure of the infamous Gatwick Hotel — now transformed after being purchased as the site of the next series of the reality renovation show The Block.

The locals say that the problems of drug abuse in the streets, the violence, the abuse and prostitution have been moved to an area in the nearby Little Grey Street from Gatwick airport closed.

An alley off Little Grey St, St Kilda, where residents have reported an increase in crime, drug use, assaults and robberies from Gatwick airport closed. Image: Penny Stephens

Langbroek told listeners, “the people who have elected us to solve the problems are not the solution of the problems.”

“The people who are living good, decent lives are having those lives in danger by people who have decided to do the opposite,” he said.

Risk behaviors in the area had become “rampant” in St Kilda as the residents of the Gatwick were moved to public housing, Langbroek told Fairfax.

“Our children walk to school and [the other day], we saw a man getting a kiss from Glasgow,” she said. “He was just walking around the corner with his headphones and he got headbutted in the full light of day. It is a madness.”

“It is an extremely complex topic, but in the meantime, we are not being offered the most basic of the short-term solution.

“They [the politicians] want to look like heroes and the use of words like ‘vulnerable’ and ‘the community’, but it’s not really that the service of the community. “