The Russian President called the condition of use of nuclear weapons

Moscow may use nuclear weapons only as a retaliation, said during an interview for the film “the world Order 2018”, Russian President Vladimir Putin. The film is laid out in social networks “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”.

“I want to tell you and them to know us and abroad: our application plans, I hope this will never happen, the theoretical plans for the use of so — called retaliatory, counter-strike,” — said Putin.

He stressed that the decision to use nuclear weapons can be made only in case if the Russian system of missile attack prevention detects not only the launch of missiles, but also give an accurate prediction of the flight path and time of the fall of warheads on the territory of Russia.

However, he acknowledged that “for humanity, for the world it will be global”. “But as a citizen of Russia, as the Russian head of state I want to ask the question: why do we need such a world, if not Russian?” — said Putin.

In addition, the Russian leader said that the new world centers of power with the growth of his power must feel and the increase in responsibilities, and the former must give place with dignity and without hysteria. “Of course, I do not want those who were on the first steps of the pedestal to give this place. I want there to cling at any price to resist. Although many experts understand that it is impossible,” — said Putin.

On 1 March the President of Russia in the message to the Federal Assembly presented new samples of Russian weapons. Among them, Intercontinental ballistic missiles “Sarmat”, a hypersonic missile complex planning unit “vanguard”, a cruise missile with a small nuclear power plant, unmanned underwater vehicle. In the United States in response has declared its readiness to upgrade its own nuclear capability.

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