The police should not look far for a clue in Woman Steele murder mystery

Investigators descended on the community, 320 km north of Cairns, and the villagers gossiped about everything from reasons for the suspicions. Police have appealed and carefully searched the creek bed where the mother of two children, her body was found, wrapped in material and dumped into a crocodile-infested creek.

The police have been tight-lipped all the research on what the “elements” that have found — but in the end it is revealed that they were looking for the owner of a man’s size 10 black Sample Taste jogging shoe.

Detective Acting Superintendent Geoff Marsh initially holds a picture of the shoe during a press conference in the month of October last year and has urged anyone who recognized to come forward.

Has not expressly state police believe the shoe belonged to the alleged killer, only that the owner is able to provide further details on request.

“It could be something totally harmless. Can anyone see that shoe, and say ‘this is mine, I left it there’. You can free up a lot of time to be able to do it,” Det Insp Marsh said at the time.

“If they know who owns that shoe or have information in relation to the shoe, we want them to come forward.

“There may lead to further avenues of investigation. You can also delete lines of investigation.”

It is now understood that the shoe belongs to a man the police has given charge with Ms Steele’s murder.

The police found what they claim is the shoe owned by the Woman, Steele, a killer found in the same creek where she was found.

Donna Steele was surprised by an intruder in his home.

The police did not reveal how Ms Steele is dead.

Media were initially asked not to publish the photos of some of the objects, including the shoe, which had been pulled from the murky Isabella Creek to Leggett is Crossed by the police divers.

The Australian has revealed why the police linked the man charged with Ms Steele’s murder, Matthew Ross, White, 25, for the shoe.

The young father was also accused of interfering with a corpse, and entering into a dwelling with intent.

The shoe was found under the water, as divers combed the creek bed. It was old and was weighed down by a rock, the report said.

Now it is understood the police claim that the shoe has the Mr. White.

A police spokesman today said of the “We can confirm the shoe that was at the scene, and has been the subject of an appeal to the public in 2017, will be part of a short trial period. The matter is now before the court, it would not be appropriate to comment further.”

After Mr. White was arrested, Det Insp Marsh said at a news conference in Cairns, police believe Mr. White has been alone when he allegedly killed Ms Steele, but will not comment on the motive for the crime.

A $ 250,000 reward led to the publicity around the case, but all the information has been “provided for free”.


Mr. Bianchi is reportedly now in the hospital after being beaten up in prison. He was attacked by a group of inmates shortly after his arrival at the Lotus Glen Correctional facility on Tuesday afternoon, The Cairns Post reported.

He was taken to the Mareeba Hospital, where he remains in a stable condition.

Crocodile inhabited Isabella Creek to Leggett Crossing where Donna Steele body was discovered. Picture: Liam Kidston

Matthew Ross White will next appear in court on 2 May.

Ms Steele and her husband, Tony Brown, was working away from Cooktown and returned home Thursday, August 3, to find the lack of it. She was last seen in a supermarket IGA the previous day.

His two boys, aged 8 and 10, came home from school that day and found their mother gone. Ate cookies for dinner and go to bed, then got up and took him to school the next day.

The boys do not tell anyone at the school or the teachers that were alone.

Detective Acting Superintendent Geoff Marsh has launched an appeal for the owner of the shoe or anyone who may have additional information to come forward. Image: Andrea Falvo

Det Marsh said Ms Steele family, including her husband and their two children, have been raised by the news of the arrest.

“Mr Brown is also extremely relieved that it is now able to tell his children what happened to the mother and you can go forward,” he said.

The police said Mr White and Ms Steele knew. said Mr. White’s mother lives near to where Ms Steele lived, and the two families knew each other.

Friends took to social media to react with shock to his arrest. “He was the most placid guy in the school”, while another remembered him as a “quiet guy”. One man said he coached Mr. White AFL and, when she was a teenager, the boy had boarded in his family home. “It seemed like a good guy,” the man wrote on Facebook.

His AFL club president, Robbie Taranto, has told the ABC, the team was in a state of shock.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Ms Steele family … and we’ll see the result in good time,” he said. “He was in training on Tuesday night — didn’t you also have chosen [that he would be arrested].”

Mr. White will next be in court on 2 May.

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