SBU raided the Islamic cultural centre

The security service of Ukraine in the morning raided the Kiev Islamic cultural center, transfer “Ukrainian news”, citing a source in law enforcement bodies.

According to his source, the searches are carried out on behalf of the prosecution in criminal proceedings, which they are investigating.

At the same time, the mufti of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Ukraine “Ummah” said Ismagilov said in Facebook that the SBU had been planted in the Islamic center of the book.

According to Ismagilov, the security forces came to the Islamic cultural centre at 06:30 and did not allow the guard to make a phone call, to call other witnesses, to call members of the Islamic cultural center.

Was brought against the resolution on a search and a literature search, “a cult of violence and cruelty, racial, national or religious intolerance and discrimination”.

“Company security officers together with witnesses divided into several groups, and the security guard physically could only be with one group. While it is at the request opened a library and a gymnasium, another group with a crowbar broke down the door to the bookstore and conducted a search there without representatives of the Islamic cultural center. Was planted in the bookstore and in the teachers ‘ room at the gymnasium in the total number of eight books, then showed the guard as seized evidence,” wrote Ismagilov.

Also today took place the search in the apartment responsible for the library of Tariq Sarhan.

“Under the freezer was planted two books, and then seized and presented as evidence,” wrote Ismagilov.