Rabbi Lazar urged parents to get Teens from social networks

Moscow. March 6. INTERFAX – Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar believes that the desire of teenagers to gain “likes” in social networks caused by the fear that his low estimate around, and parents are powerless to fix it.

“Virtual reality of the Internet – it is a symptom of the crisis. So, something is lacking in reality. In the first place – at home, in the family. The child becomes problematic, if the parents failed to properly educate him, give him understanding of what correct behavior is, first and foremost, for his own use, for his own soul, for his joy!” – wrote the Rabbi in the March issue of the journal “Lehaim”.

Lazar said that if a person observes the commandments with love, build their life not on fear, but on true respect for the Torah, in this case, the person achieves two goals at once: first, “his body is venerated by the people”, because others appreciate the righteous, and secondly, the man wins as his own, he gains new strength, it all comes easily.

While the Rabbi spoke about the people who keep the commandments from fear: a man sees the commandments as something uncomfortable, restricting his freedom, God is for him a kind of policeman, who may, if anything, to arrest and punish.

“Guess how this person will behave, if you consider that “the policeman turned away”?!” – asks Lazar.

In conclusion, he told a parable about a man who received in the mail a heavy package from his father.

“In the accompanying receipt was told that the contents of the parcel – the “stones”. And here is this man pulls the parcel home itching to throw away, and just then dad calls him on his mobile phone: “Seriously? Well, that’s right – gold nuggets of hard…” Here’s our man at once stopped paying attention to the weight – run run with the parcel home and nearly jumps with joy!” – graduated from the instructive story of the Jewish leader.

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