Putin praised the human qualities trump

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin stated that he is not disappointed in US President Donald trump. The words of the Russian leader are shown in the documentary film “the world Order 2018”. The film is laid out in social networks “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”.

“In purely human terms, it has made me a very good impression. I think he’s balanced. But for all the shocking behavior, which, apparently, people used to force their previous life experience and kind of activity, when we were talking, he delves into the problem, he communicates, he listens to the interlocutor. You can negotiate with him, I see, it is possible to look for compromises,” Putin said.

The head of state noted that constructive collaboration is hampered by the very political system of the United States. “There can not be a disappointment, because it demonstrates a clear inefficiency and eats itself. And to interact with such a system is quite difficult because it is unpredictable,” — said Putin.

On 14 December during a press conference, the Russian President suggested that he and the us leader would go to “you”. At the same time he expressed hope that trump will have the opportunity to establish contacts with Russia.

The first time the two presidents met on 7 July during the G20 summit. Putin on the results of the negotiations expressed confidence that they were able to establish personal relationships. Trump called the meeting a wonderful. The second time the leaders spoke on 11 November during the APEC summit.

The film “the 2018 world Order” consists of interviews with Vladimir Putin.More important news Telegram-channel “Tape days”. Signed!