Putin in conversation with the women called the men’s world

Russia still needs to be done to the rights of women and men disappeared the distinction, said President Vladimir Putin. His words on Wednesday, March 7, RIA Novosti reported.

“We talk all the time about the need to equalize rights of men and women in all areas. Here again there sounded that women are more difficult. Indeed, there is such an approach and understanding that today’s world and the world of men,” Putin said at a meeting with women entrepreneurs in Samara.

The head of state noted that because of the values that exist in the cultural code of the Russians, “we have a woman remains a woman, a man is a man.” “Thank God, we have no such confusions in the mind and soul,” he said.

According to Putin, women have many benefits, including charm, beauty and sincerity. “That’s what men cherish, cherish and will cherish forever,” said the President.

The boundary between male and female professions is erased, Putin said. “Because in order to be either a major shareholder or even a minority shareholder, the head of production, this requires special skills, especially leadership skills,” he said. In his opinion, for women quite peculiar.

Putin on Wednesday on a visit to the Samara region. In the beginning of the meeting with the women entrepreneurs, the President congratulated all with the upcoming holiday on March 8.More important news Telegram-channel “Tape days”. Signed!