More than half of the population of Ukraine have a negative attitude to protest under the building of the lying that led Saakashvili – poll

55.5% of the population of Ukraine have a negative attitude to protest under the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, who before their deportation from Ukraine was headed by Mikheil Saakashvili. The share of supporters of these shares was very minor, and slightly more than a quarter of respondents had treated them neutrally. About it reports the Center of social and marketing researches “SOCIS”.

“Most people also expected greater efficiency of the authorities and the attitude of the protests. 35.2% of the respondents were of the view that the government demonstrates a lack of determination in relation to these protests, and 18.3 per cent believed that the government’s actions are too soft”, – stated in the message.

Also, half of Ukrainians (48%) endorsed the decision of the authorities on the deportation of Saakashvili. The share of opponents was very small, and one in ten respondents were inclined to more stringent actions of the authorities against Saakashvili (arrest and trial).

The survey polled 2 thousand respondents.

Recall, December 5, Saakashvili was arrested on suspicion of aiding members of the criminal organizations and criminal activities. It was intended to deliver to the SBU building, but this was not possible due to clashes between security forces and supporters of the policy. Events unfolded in the European area. In the clashes the protesters managed to release Saakashvili, breaking Windows in the vehicle. Since then, Saakashvili went to the Parliament building demanding the “impeachment” of the President. In fact, the “liberation” of Saakashvili Prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings.

February 12, the politician was detained in the restaurant “Suluguni” in Kiev. He returned to Poland, where he illegally arrived in Ukraine. Saakashvili then announced that he would not seek political asylum in Poland, but on the contrary, wants to restore Ukrainian citizenship. At the moment, Saakashvili is in the Netherlands with his family.