Melbourne partner in the defense of the home invasion caught on CCTV

The bronze of the house of theft, carried out by four young men of African appearance realization of the hammers, is the ninth invasion of the house in just 16 days, in what seems to be a Melbourne crime wave.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Gavin Fry and his girlfriend Leah Meurer were sleeping in their house in the north-western Melbourne suburb of Kings Park.

It was just before 1 in the morning, when four men-of-age in adolescents and wearing hoodies ejected by the pair of the back door.

They entered the couple’s bedroom and, in the glow of a light in Mr. Fry and ms. Meurer said, “give us money, give us money” and demanded to hand over their car keys, Nine News reported.

“So two of them have been incorporated into our dorm with torches … one of them had a hammer and they were demanding money in cash,” Leah Meurer told Radio 3AW.

Mr. Fry fended off the two youths, who tried to fight with him, from the bedroom and the couple managed to entrench themselves in the interior.

But Ms Meurer was forced to defend the door as Mr. Fry dialled triple-0.

The adrenaline pumping, Gavin Fry takes off after the teenage gang with a baseball bat after a youth broke into her house with hammers.

Facebook photo of Gavin Fry, and Leah Meurer who say that they are now “agitated, traumatized, do not feel safe in our home’ after the aggravated robbery.

A member of the band takes the path of the garden of the couple of the house towards their cars parked on the street.

Another hooded youth of the teenage gang of African appearance joins the exodus as Gavin Fry your arms up in the interior with a baseball bat.

After the frightening of the couple to deal with the hammer down on the door of the room, the band flees in a blur on the CCTV footage.

In a terrifying few seconds, she had the weight of the body against the door, while the band began to break with the hammer to force his way back.

Mr. Fry grabbed a baseball bat and, with “fear and shock turned to anger”, decided “I’m going to leave my house.”

Chasing the youths down the road, he saw to prepare for stealing two cars.

Mr. Fry came to the driver’s side and banged on the window with his bat, which broke.

When the thieves took off in the car, Mr. Fry went back inside to help his girlfriend who later broke it off to the waiting police.

Speaking to The Australian, Mr Fry said that he and Ms Meurer was “thoroughly shaken, in addition to us, and are traumatized, we don’t feel safe to stay in the house.

“It’s disgusting, these kids … they have no respect for anything.”

CCTV footage shows a gang member is seen trying to get into the couple’s car.

Success, and the band turns on the headlights of the vehicle ready for takeoff, the Lord of the Fry in the search with his bat.

Mr. Fry returned to the house with his broken bat to attend to his disturbed girlfriend, Leah Meurer.

Victorian Police can know who are the offenders and told The Australian that “repeat offenders” were often involved in robberies aggravated.

About 18 months ago, the police said that a group of armed robbers committed up to nine offenses in a row.

The latest wave of home invasions began on the 14th of February, when a man had a knife held to his throat as a gang raided his apartment in Albion.

In a second attack in Albion at 1.30 am on 27 February, a woman had a knife held to her throat while she slept with her son.

Six of the last spree of crime have occurred in the north-west of Melbourne suburbs, including one in Saint Albans, one in the Kings park and neighbouring Taylors Hill, and the Albion attacks.

The others took place in Bayswater in the inner west of Melbourne, near the beach, outskirts of Brighton and Skye, in the south-west.

Mr. Fry embraces Ms Meurer as the traumatized couple of waiting for police to arrive following the invasion, Melbourne, ninth in 16 days.