It is known who was stabbed in the center of Kiev

Killed in the yard on the street Lutheran, 30, was Sergey Zakharchuk, Director of the company OOO AQ Plastic.

It is reported channel Espreso.

According to preliminary data, Zakharchuk at 10:20 headed to his car when an unknown person attacked him with a knife and inflicted fatal stab wound to the leg. Judging by the copious amount of blood in the yard, the killer has damaged Zakharchuk artery. The man died during rendering medical care.

Press service of the national police of Kiev has published sketches of two suspects. The location of the attackers is unknown.

The first signs of the suspect: the age of 40-45 years, height 180 cm, slim build, thin long face, long nose, thin lips.

Signs of the second suspect:Age 35 to 37 years, height 170 cm, slim build, round face with stubble, average nose, dark eyes, full lips.

We recall the morning of March 6 in the center of Kiev in the yard on the street Lutheran, 30, was discovered by a man with signs of stab wounds, who died soon after from loss of blood.