In the center of Kiev in broad daylight killed a man

March 6 in the center of Kiev in the yard on the street Lutheran, 30, unknown for unknown reasons, stabbed the man, who from loss of blood died in the ambulance. It is reported by the Informant.

The incident occurred in the yard around 10 am. A man was stabbed and died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. The police say that the victim – 37-year-old local resident.

The cause of the conflict, who attacked is still unknown.

The yard is a huge puddle of blood. The entrance to the courtyard is blocked. On a place experts work.

Police gave the preliminary orientation’s investigation of sports men 30-35 years and the growth of 185 centimeters. There is information that the attacker disappeared into the stairwell.

The murder scene also came the wife of the victim. She called the ambulance in connection with shock.


The police have two suspects, published sketches. It also became known, who exactly was killed in the Lutheran.

We will remind, on March 2 in the village Letki (Kyiv region) a man stabbed a 32-year-old wife, then hanged himself in the yard near the barn.

Earlier, on 18 February, Rozovsky district of Zaporozhye region man brutally killed the military and the young mother.