In Poland, the tram was severely beaten by Ukrainians because of his nationality

In the Polish city of Wroclaw two unknown beat the tram of Ukrainian nationality. It is reported by the monitoring Centre on racism and xenophobia in Poland.

“Two men attacked a Ukrainian tram number 31 in Wroclaw. They beat him and fled”,– stated in the message.

Human rights defenders ask all concerned to help detect intruders.

It is noted that the beating was accompanied by insults towards Ukrainians on a national basis.

The incident occurred on the evening of 2 March near the bus station.

Earlier, the pole broke two Ukrainians because of their nationality. The incident took place in Warsaw, on a stop of public transport. Two Ukrainians were waiting for the bus. When they boarded the bus, one of the Ukrainians pushed a man, and then started to beat both his fists in the head during movement in the presence of other passengers. Striker insulted and shouted to the Ukrainians. And when the bus stopped, the man jumped out and fled.