David Brown Speedback Silverstone Edition, has presented with 600bhp

David Brown Automotive uses Geneva motor show to unveil a new, more powerful edition of its exclusive Speedback GT, dubbed the Silverstone Edition and aimed at young buyers compared to the traditional original style launched in 2014.

The new car, which, in turn, incorporates the British of origin, craftsmanship, materials and the cutting parts, cost £744,000 in the UNITED kingdom, approximately £120,000 more than the original Speedback’s starting price. Will be released in a exclusive lot of 10 cars, the same number as the original edition GTs the company has so far delivered.

The power output of the Speedback, the Jaguar-derived 5.0-liter V8 supercharged engine goes from 510bhp to 601bhp, with a similar boost to its peak of torque. The car has a more sporty suspension tune to stimulate his credentials as a driver of a car, and runs uniquely designed 20in alloys with tyres 255/35 at the front and 285/ 30s at the rear.

Silverstone Edition is so-called is to brand the company’s move a year ago to the new headquarters across from the main entrance of the circuit of Formula 1, and recall the famous home of the original race of a role as an RAF base in his only enamel badge shows both the circuit shape, and the track layout of the original airfield. Like its predecessor, the Silverstone Edition has a hand-made, all-aluminum, body and hand stitched, the inside.

Continue to use the running gear and an aluminium frame, Jaguar’s defunct XKR sports coupe. Even if the Silverstone Edition body panels are largely altered, and its lack of bumpers, advanced front spoiler, bigger rear diffuser, extended rocker panels and modernized treatments for the headlights and rear lights make the car look different, and decidedly more modern than its stablemate.

“We are focusing the Speedback Silverstone Edition with a new client,” said the founder of the company, David Brown. “Our original car has a simple form without time, but this is more performance-oriented and is aimed at a younger audience. But we have been careful to maintain its long legs and use every day. It is not meant to be a track car.”

COMMENT: a Sign of a serious auto manufacturer:

David Brown ‘cool’ version of its classic Speedback GT shows its deadly serious about building a real car company. The debut of Silverstone Edition is even more convincing and professional product than the bold original, shows that his eye is fixed on the future.

A canny deal-maker, Brown sa, which is building cars for the people in the worldly wise as himself, who need to be convinced that David Brown Automotive is a auto-maker with a long-term future. This new model, even more than the Mini Version of the project (which proceeds at a fast pace as the impressive new Silverstone HQ), it is a promise of corporate longevity as it is a desirable new supercar.

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