Christian brother raped allegedly boy ‘140 times

John Francis Tyrrell, also, occasionally its victim struck with a leather belt after the raids, the crown told his trial.

The former’s brother, Mr. Tyrrell, now 79, has denied 14 historical cost, including fornicators and bestiality from his time teaching at Geelong St. Joseph’s College in 1965 and 1966.

The boy was between the ages of 10 and 12 at the time of the alleged attacks, which happened according to the victim on 140 occasions over the two-year period.

Crown Prosecutor Joanne Piggott of the County Court of Victoria said on Monday that if the boy alerted senior members of staff, to the alleged abuse, he was told that he was “going to hell” and would be evicted.

The boy had said the mother organizes special classes with Mr. Tyrrell for her son, she felt, needed additional help in the school, the state’s attorney.

The court heard that the boy was abused extensively. Image: iStock

However, the private after-school meeting was offensive, if the Lord attacked Tyrrell, the boy claimed to be in a room near his classroom, in a science storeroom and in the school auditorium, Ms Piggott.

To get at once, the boy vomited after the alleged abuse, the beat with Mr. Tyrrell it with a leather band vomit on his clothes, she told the court.

When the boy turned for the sessions after the Tyrrell had already arrived, the child would get a spanking, sometimes with a pair of dirty socks shoved in his mouth, the Prosecutor’s office.

It is also, allegedly, Tyrrell squeeze of one of the boys would testicles, while he is, need him to miss, so hard for the child to see “would, bright lights, or pass out from the pain”.

Ms Piggott said the boy was abused extensively.

“He was one of 140 occasions over the two-year period,” she told the court. “He can be the number of times … because he thought that one day it would end.”

She said the boy had a “breakout” for missing school one day and told senior staff that he was he “was a cop, brother Tyrrell f***ing him every day,” but was reprimanded and told to go to hell.

“(The alleged victim) went out of the school and never came back,” Ms Piggott said.

Defence lawyer George Georgiou said his client denied “everything that is of a sexual nature occurred” and that the Complainant was not “honest”.

The negotiation goes on.