Reddit supports hosting Russian propaganda

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Reddit has become the latest social-media platform to admit that the Russian propaganda was used on your site for the 2016 united states presidential election.

It follows that the leaking of the news site The Daily Beast showing a Russian troll farm of servers active on the website.

Co-founder Steve Huffman said that it had withdrawn “a few hundred accounts” suspected of being of Russian origin.

In a blog post, said: “indirect propaganda”, which was more complex to detect and stop, it was the biggest problem.

“For example, the Twitter account @TEN_GOP is now known to be run by a Russian agent. Their tweets were amplified by thousands of users of Reddit, and, unfortunately, all we can say, these users are mostly Americans and seem to be unconsciously promoting the propaganda of russia.”
Conspiracy theories

Mr Huffman said: “I think the greatest risk we face as Americans is our own ability to discern reality from nonsense, and this is a burden that we all have.

“I wish there was a solution as simple as the prohibition of all propaganda, but it is not so easy. Between truth and fiction are a thousand shades of gray.

“All of us—Redditors, citizens, journalists, to work through these issues.”

@TEN_GOP account that seemed to be led by Republicans in Tennessee. She tweeted a mix of pro-of the contents of Triumph and conspiracy theories, as well as more obvious false news stories.

The Daily Beast research suggests a resounding no support to any particular candidate or point of view and concluded that Russia’s aim was to provoke and to divide Americans on the internet and, as a result, in the physical world also.Social media ‘weapon’

The platforms of social media are under greater scrutiny of Congress on the issue of the invasion of Russian in the elections of 2016.

Facebook has given the Senate Intelligence Committee thousands of advertisements that is believed to have been acquired by Russian agents.

The Washington Post reported that Reddit was now likely to be questioned about his involvement in the “weaponisation of social media” during the election.

Special counsel, Robert Mueller, has accused 13 Russians to interfere in the elections in the united states, all of which are linked to the troll farm of servers of the Internet Research Agency.

Meanwhile, pressure is mounting on Reddit to clean up the content on its platform.

In February, were banned from a group that was generating false porn – videos and images that overlap to the face of a person through an explicit photo or video without permission.

This week, it was learned that another subreddit was to share images of dead babies and animals being harmed.

Mr Huffman said the company was aware of the group, which currently has close to 19,000 subscribers, and that the community is “in review”.