Five people in Tajikistan, appeared in court on charges of involvement in “salafee”, banned in the country

Dushanbe. March 6. INTERFAX – Five local residents appeared before the court in the city of Istaravshan in the North of Tajikistan on charges of involvement in the country banned religious movement “Salafi”, reported Tuesday the local media.

In addition to participating in banned in the country extremist organizations, the defendant is charged with violating part 1 of article 347 (failure to report a crime or its concealment) of the criminal code of Tajikistan.

For the religious “Salafi”, whose activities in Tajikistan was banned by the Supreme court in early 2009, recognized in Russia extremist group. The Tajik authorities claim that the majority of citizens, who joined in Syria and Iraq by militants of the “Islamic state” (ISIS is a terrorist organization banned in Russia), are followers of this trend.