Near Kiev in the private sector were growing elite cannabis

In the village of komarivka Makariv district, Kyiv region police exposed a farm on cultivation of elite varieties of cannabis.

This was reported by the press service of the police.

“Makarov, the police received information from residents of the village of komarivka. Disgruntled residents said that from the well water disappears regularly after the arrival of new neighbors,“ he told police.

It turned out that a few months ago, the two Kiev bought in the village old house. There is no one lived permanently, but I arrived home every three days. Every time they visit people lacked drinking water.

The police began to watch two people in the capital.

“During the authorized search of the little hut, the police found the elite crops of hemp. According to experts received illegal harvest of fairly expensive seed, the origin of which is established. Inside everything was set up on a continuous process of cultivation: hemp in pots from small to nearly Mature, the walls of the house in aluminum foil, hood, fan, drip watering system.

Crops and equipment law enforcement authorities seized. Instituted criminal proceedings under article 310 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (crops or cultivation of somnolent poppy or hemp). One attacker militiamen detained at the scene, his accomplice at the place of residence in Metropolitan apartment. Investigations are continuing.

We will remind, on February 12 in Kiev region the two men seized 500 marijuana plants, which they cultivated in the laboratory.