Klitschko urged Kiev to actively play sports

The mayor of the capital Vitaly Klitschko on Sunday, March 4, ride with extreme on snowkite. He urged all residents to exercise, assuring that in the capital there are many opportunities for this, the press service of the Moscow mayor.

Photo and video ski in the snow sail Klitschko has published on his page in the network Facebook.

“While winter does not want to retreat, it is necessary to use actively pursuing sports and leisure! Sunday with extreme broke for a few hours Snowkiting. Yes, the city is preparing to host the spring finals of the UEFA Champions League. But our city lives not only football. The capital is a city of sports, where there are many supporters of the sport like Snowkiting,“ said Klitschko.

“I hate the snow, but not always. Snow is a big problem for city services, but it is very good for snowkite and other winter sports “, – joked the mayor.

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Snowkiting is sailing on the frozen ponds or snow-covered fields on skis or snowboard. The athlete holds special slings attached to a large parachute – kite, the speed of which sets the force of the wind.