Illegal mafy Andrew disassemble – Reznikov

The legendary Andriyivsky descent in Kyiv will be only the sellers that are legit. About it the Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration Oleksiy Reznikov said in an interview to Ukrainian news.

“At the intersection of streets Vladimir, the tithe and the Andriyivskyy descent tens of years to terrible, downed in haste stalls are merchants Chinese Souvenirs… I, for example, in addition to the words “cesspool“ and “Shanghai“ and other associations of the place does not matter. These kiosks many years are in the wrong places, hinder the passage, the owners do not have permits, do not pay taxes to the city budget. They have neither the moral nor the formal right to work there“, – said Reznikov.

Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration noted that the times when near St. Andrew’s Church, the artists sold their paintings have passed, and now the place that was previously a stronghold of the people’s creativity, rapidly commercialized.

“Unfortunately, Commerce replaced art. It is profitable to trade with busts of Lenin, Budyonny caps, fur cap, allegedly Ukrainian Souvenirs that are actually made in China. Do you think the hat of the soldier of red army souvenir? I don’t. There is now sell anything, except pictures. These sellers in this case are no better than those that work in the illegal Kiosks,“ stated Reznikov.

Thus, according to him, the city administration has offered dealers alternative place Souvenirs on Andrew descent in the artists ‘ Alley.

On the radio market in Kiev demolished several Kiosks

“Our position is not just prohibit, but to offer an option alternative, as they can legally work… the Most important requirement is to work officially, pay taxes. Once again – we’re not kicked out. Even those who have tens of years working illegally. We have provided the alternative is to run a legitimate business, and would be happy if it was used,” – said Deputy KSCA.

He said that illegal traders had to curtail their points with Souvenirs before March 1, however, this requirement is still not met.

“We set the deadline until March 1, but while consent is not heard… Vitali Klitschko set the task to prepare the city, including tourist facilities, to the final of the UEFA Champions League, which will be held in late may. Foreign tourists must see the beautiful historic street – Andrew’s descent, not a “cesspool“ consisting of Chinese Souvenirs and rusty stalls“, – said Reznikov.

We will remind, the Kiev administration was warned several times sellers that work at the top of Andrew’s descent, that they should start to work officially. For this they were offered space in the middle of Andrew’s descent – into artists ‘ Alley.

Recall, February 13 Mafy dismantled on Maidan.