Earned on a yacht in nice: in Kiev, arrested a supplier of drugs to the DNR

In Kiev employees of the security Service of Ukraine jointly with the General Prosecutor’s office conducted a multi-stage special operation and detained the businessman who was engaged in the supply of medicines for the terrorists of so-called DNR.

This was reported by the press service of the SBU.

A resident of Donetsk, with the assistance of the leaders of the fake republics organized medical supplies from Ukraine through Russian territory not controlled by Ukrainian authorities of the territory of Donbass.

“According to the documents of the drugs allegedly were exported to neighboring countries, transactions conducted through a series of controlled merchant companies registered in Ukraine“, – specified in SBU.

It is noted that commercial structures are an accomplice of terrorists supervised remotely from temporarily occupied Donetsk and imported into the DNR production operator implemented in medical institutions, in particular in those where the treatment and rehabilitation of the militants involved in the terrorist acts and crimes against the civilian population.

When implemented in the Donbass merchant inflated prices for medicines is four to five times.

Operatives of the intelligence service established that the malefactor to pay all “taxes and fees“ in the so-called DNR budget from which to Fund the activities of illegal armed militias.

Received from illegal business profit allowed the dealer to keep in nice, France private yacht and enjoy in the temporarily occupied Donetsk new Bentley.

Employees of SB of Ukraine also recorded that for the transaction, the businessman tried to obtain from the Ukrainian budget to refund VAT in the amount of nearly four million.

The detention was carried out during a visit of the offender controlled by Ukrainian authorities territories. To him reported about suspicion in Commission of crime under article 258-5 of the criminal code (financing of terrorism), and the measure of restraint in form of detention without an alternative of bail.

In Kiev and Kharkov militiamen raided the offices of companies controlled by the businessman during which the seized money, false accounting and printing of various enterprises involved in the transaction.

To lock the channel of financing terrorist activities by the State service for financial monitoring blocked the movement of funds on accounts of enterprises, attracted to the illegal transaction, and the personal accounts of the organizer of the scheme. The pretrial investigation proceeds.

As reported on March 5, the Ukrainian military detained the separatist DNR with a Russian passport.