The Kiev Prosecutor’s office will check Kochetova on the subject of financial abuse

Kyiv city Prosecutor’s office decided to combine the two criminal proceedings opened against the head of the football Federation of Kiev Igor Kozlov, in one big deal. This tells the blogger Kirill Sazonov on his page on Facebook, reports UNN.

“There is malpractice. The second corrupt scheme in which they accuse the head of the Federation. We are talking about misuse of funds in the amount of 1.6 million. Tell you what Kochetov refused to provide inspection of FFU financial statements on the activities of the football Federation of Kiev, which caused some suspicion about the state of Affairs and financial activities of the organization. So the interest of law enforcement is quite logical,” — he stressed.

One of the reasons that has given rise to the opening of criminal proceedings, could be the failure of Igor Kochetov present financial reports on the activities of the FPC. The functionary did not want to explain what happened to the 1.6 million UAH, which the local Federation received from the FFU in recent years.