Kiev because the developer will lose forever the 200-year-old Park

In Kiev keep up the momentum scandal around the resonance felling more than 300 trees in the Park Kristerova hill near the street of Vyshgorod in the Kiev region. According to reports the occupants of the houses near the square, according to the Builder plans the construction of the first phase of a 24-storey skyscraper on the site of the destroyed trees. After that, the builders supposedly are going to build an l-shaped building (the second phase of the residential complex) which will have to cut down more than one hundred gardens. To prevent another act of vandalism in a green area, the locals with the activists of the marked trees described and enumerated them. As you know, Kristerova hill – Botanical nature monument of local significance with a total area of 4.3 hectares was established by the decision of the Kiev city Council â„–189/1166 of January 30, 2001. The Park was created with the purpose of preservation, protection and use of aesthetic, educational, environmental, scientific and health purposes, the most valuable specimen of Park construction. The city Council decision of 2001 on the territory of the monument of nature was denied any economic activity including, leading to damage to natural systems (i.e. trees, green spaces, etc.). The official history of the Park started in the 1850’s, when the Russian Emperor Alexander II the green zone was a Wilhelm Krister (where the Park is now called Kristerova slide). Christer was invited from South Saxony (Germany) to work at the cloth factory of Prince Radziwill in Radomyshl district at the time of the Kiev province. After the success in the field of business William decided to stay in Kyiv and purchased in the suburbs of Kyiv, the estate in the green zone. He founded here a diversified agricultural enterprise gardening and seeds of V. Krister. In Soviet times, the manor and Park, despite the policy of the city authorities on the extension of Kiev at the expense of residential development, not residential development, while preserving the uniqueness and character of this historic area. In June 2009 the Park, after renovation, was opened to visitors. Was reconstructed two ponds, constructed two foot bridges, planted new trees and shrubs planted 9 thousand m2 of lawns, and includes 3 decorative flower beds, installed a bench 41, 33 decorative lighting post. In addition, installed an automatic watering system. According to open sources, this natural monument is a preserved area of the Park complex, where there are century-old trees, alder forest, exotic trees and shrubs, a cascade of 4 ponds. In the Park there are several sources. The vegetation of the Park includes 25 species. Woody plantings include oak, Linden, poplar, elm, ash and willow. Of particular value are the 150 – year old chestnut trees, a 400 year old oak. 4 species listed in the Red book of Ukraine and 10 animal species protected by the Berne Convention. The ponds are home to swans and mallards, as well as populations of carp. However, in the same 2009 with the controversial ex-mayor of Kiev Chernovetsky part of the Park was given in the long term is questionable, as after 9 years the developer sopraceneri local residents for some reason decided to become more active and build in the Park multi-family residential complex.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that over the cutting of over 300 trees in Vyshgorod can stand the company DIM Andranikovich. According to media reports, December 29, 2017 unknown for a few hours 384 cut down the tree and tried to build the site under the hill. Resonant act of vandalism aroused the indignation of residents who demanded the city authorities to stop destruction of the green zone. During one of the protests the citizens were blocked Vyshgorodskaya, paralyzing traffic. The city government until the months-long conflict does not adequately reacted. How long city officials with the police will ignore the demands of the residents about the protection of the Park and why the suppression of unlawful acts is delayed, we can only guess.