At the Olympics was a scandal because of phrase of the Australian commentator about the Chinese

OSCOW, 16 Jan — RIA Novosti. Australian commentator and former participant of the Olympic games Jackie Cooper was criticized for what she called all the Chinese people are the same.

Commenting on the competitions in ski acrobatics at the Seventh channel, Cooper described the style of a Chinese athlete. “Good jump, a double twisting double somersault. Not too difficult, all done very well, good control,” she said.

Then she uttered a phrase that many found racist: “Very Chinese. They all look the same. It’s hard to tell who is who”. From her comments is not clear if it is about technology or about the athlete.

What the actual fuck @7olympics
— Albert Santos, good username haver. (@albertinho) 15 Feb 2018

“Jackie Cooper, I love you, but to say that Chinese skiers “look the same” is kind of racist,” writes Twitter Len Webster. Apparently, she later deleted the tweet.

“At first I thought I misheard, but no. This one is full of racism. Disgusting,” wrote LAN Chan in response to this tweet.

Some drew attention to what Cooper says about the technique and there is nothing racist in her comments.

“They all look the same — in terms of technology. The same start, the same arm movement, separation, touchdown,” writes Dave Clarke snow.

Itself Cooper later explained that really talked about the perfect Chinese athlete jump and not about him.