2018 Audi A6: images leak online ahead of official sample

Leaked images of Audi, the eighth generation of the A6 suggest the next four doors will inherit the design and the technical features of its big brother, the A8.

Three images of the BMW 5 Series rivals that have emerged in line before Audi could pull out the coats, showing that the living room will have a front and rear strongly influenced by the A8 when it goes on sale in June.

In the front, the A6 in the leaked images of the sports angular headlights either side of a wide-mouth grille, while in back, a chrome strip extends across the width of her butt. Although largely similar, the smaller size A6, however, are more stressed of the rear wheel arches of the discrete A8.

Audi has refrained from making comments in the leaked images, but the car of the evident relationship of the A8 suggests that they have a similar clutter free design of your control panel. A dual-screen Virtual Cockpit system, such as the A8, is likely to be included within.

Autocar understands that the A6, which will be on display at the Geneva motor show next month, will be equipped with the same technology of conduction that was premiered in the A8.

This should give the A6 Level 3 autonomous driving skills at authorized locations. The level 3, according to the scale of six levels of self-management capacity established by the automotive engineering organisation SAE International, means ‘conditional automation’.

In this state, the car is able to control most aspects of the conduct and supervision of the road, but the driver must be prepared to intervene when necessary. The A8 was the first production car to feature this technology when it was launched earlier this year.

Before the leaked images, a video preview (above) offers an early official sighting of the next A6 – with the code name C8 – while the photographs of the car undergoing the test provided the most glimpses of its design. The exterior of the car, follow the details of the trend of design used on all the cars from the Q7 Audi has launched the new style of address in 2015.

The next A6 will share its underpinnings with the A7, which means that you will suffer a slight increase in comparison with the previous model. A choice of front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive are offered, and the latest quattro system, as fitted to the A4 and A8, it will have.

Power will come from 2.0-liter four-cylinder, 3.0-liter V6 and 4.0 liter V8 engines, with two plug-in hybrid variants planned. These have electric motors to supplement a four-cylinder or V6 gasoline engine, although these derivatives are expected to be more popular in the united states and China than in Europe. Plans for a diesel-electric hybrid powertrain have been discarded.

A high-performance S6 will not be released until 2019, but when it does, your engine is reduced from the 4.0-litre V8 seen in the current car to a 2.9-liter V6 that is used in the RS4 Avant and RS 5, as well as the Porsche Panamera S. In the S6, is likely to produce more than 450bhp – top to the 444bhp of the RS4 Avant.

A RS6 is expected to arrive in 2020, with the rival to the BMW M5 said to be transforming itself into a huge and powerful plug-in hybrid share the same powertrain as the 671bhp Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid.

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