Zidane is not opposed to the real headed by former player of the team

The former real Madrid midfielder Guti, who now heads one of the youth teams of “creamy“, announced that he would not mind to become the next head coach of the team. The coach of real Madrid Zinedine Zidane believes that the candidate Guti is the most suitable for the Royal club and not opposed to in the future Guti succeeded him in office.

“Objectively, I think that Guti is quite able to lead a real life. He is seriously preparing for this. He said he wanted to stand at the helm of the team, and I am positive to him and his candidacy.

Guti is a man of the real world. He spent his whole life here, his heart belongs to this club. He dreams of becoming the head coach of real Madrid. So why not give him the chance?“, – quoted Zidane Marca.

It was reported earlier that Zinedine Zidane believes that his future in the Real world depends on the matches against PSG in the Champions League.

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