The mayor of Odessa again not at work: In the city Council published a decree about the next vacation Trukhanov

In the Odessa city Council issued a decree according to which the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov again went on leave without pay until February 4. It is reported

The decree signed by acting mayor Anatoly Orlovsky, however, the document does not indicate who will be acting for the period of absence Trukhanov.

As reported by the correspondent of the publication in the municipality, the functions of the mayor until February 4 will perform the Vice-the mayor Anatoly Orlovsky.

We will remind, Gennady Trukhanov is in vacation for quite a long time. The mayor of Odessa went on vacation in the period from 27 December 2017 22 calendar days – until January 18. Vice-mayor Trukhanov Orlovsky was sent abroad for three days in Davos to participate in the presentation of the “Ukrainian house” at the world economic forum. Then Orlovsky extended vacation Trukhanov for the next three days, as the mayor could not arrive in Ukraine in connection with weather conditions. According to another decree Orlowski, 22 Jan Truhanov went on a business trip to Athens.

In 2017 Trukhanov seven times, went on vacation, including taking advantage of the right to take leave “at own expense”.

January 12, Prosecutor General of Ukraine jointly with the NAB informed of the suspicion of the Deputy of the Odessa regional Council and his accomplice for the offer to give a bribe of 500 thousand dollars. employee NABOO. According to militiamen, the Deputy of the regional Council had intended to bribe the representative of NABOO for removal of arrest from accounts of the subject business (the beneficiary of which is the Deputy of the Odessa regional Council) in the amount of UAH 185 million and avoiding the confiscation of the arrested funds.

In turn, the NAB said that the bribe to the employee of NABU were offered in exchange for the removal of arrest from the accounts of OOO involved, according to investigators in the corruption scheme with misappropriation of funds of the budget of the city of Odessa.

The Deputy of the Odessa regional Council Oleg Babenko denies the allegations and promises to come voluntarily to the anti-corruption Agency.

As reported, in October 2016, the Odessa city Council bought the administrative building of the former factory “region” for 185 million. The building after renovation was planned to move all structural subdivisions, which are currently scattered in different parts of Odessa. Which in turn, according to city hall will save at least 15 million per year on utilities, and will release approximately 20 thousand sq. m of premises in the city centre, which can be sold or leased.