Mont encouraged to organize training for University students. Bogomolets, who do not want to go on strike

The Ministry of education and science of Ukraine appealed to the leadership of the National medical University named after A. Bogomolets to organize pairs for those students who do not want to participate in a University strike and not to use administrative resources. This was reported on the website of MES.

“By administrative means – through the closure of buildings – students of NMU named after O. O. Bogomolets was deprived of the opportunity to continue their education. MOH as the main bodies of Central Executive power responsible for science and education considers unacceptable disruption of the educational process that occurs by the administration at NMU named after O. O. Bogomolets, who is in the management of the Ministry of health,” said Mont.

According to the Ministry, the students said that coming to the pair in University, instead of studying “saw closed housing with circuits and confused the teachers.” As a result, even those students who wanted to learn, are unable to obtain appropriate services from the institution.

“Students also said that the strike was declared without considering the opinion as a student of the collective, and collective workers,” – said the Ministry.

MES notes that for students who want to study must be created conditions for normal learning. Students can not and must not suffer from any conflicts, including management.

The Ministry of education and science also recalled that article 44 of the Constitution clearly says that no one may be compelled to participate or not to participate in the strike.

Mont appealed to the leadership of the University to honor its obligations and to resume the educational process, creating a learning environment for those students who wish to learn.

As reported, the students and the University staff on February 26 announced an indefinite strike. All academic buildings will be closed, with the exception of the premises of the clinics where they treat patients.

The Committee on strike requires the President to immediately intervene in the situation, Verkhovna Rada Chairman and the Prime Minister to create the Commission on investigation of abuses by the leadership of the Ministry of health and during the investigation to dismiss the acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun and her deputies.

They also require Suprun to cancel the order of dismissal of the rector Ekaterina Amosova and the appointment of the acting rector of the University Mikhail Zakharash, as well as to ensure that the licensed integrated examination “KROK-1. Dentistry”.

Catherine Amos was suspended from their duties on the post of rector of NMU at the time of verification of the facts concerning the failure of the licensed integrated examination “KROK-1. Dentistry” for students.

Now designed to test the Commission processes the materials provided to NMU them. A. Bogomolets and the testing Center. However, according to the report, Amosova systematically is not at the meeting despite invitation.