LCD Republic, new Living quarter from the Millennium development

On February 28 the business centre, IQ company KAN Development held a presentation of her new living quarters Respublika, where the founder of the company Igor Nikonov, chief architect of the workshop ARHIMATIKA Dmitry Vasilev has presented the concept of the project. According to speakers, the Live quarter Respublika is created for a new generation that is not sitting on the ground and live an active life.

“We create an environment where people communicate, develop, play sports, learn, learn, tear new. All that is necessary to modern man for a active and dynamic life we are joined in one project,“ they say.

According to Igor Nikonov, the project of LCD Respublika for the company KAN Development is fundamental. “We always bring it to the end. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that launching the project and in March we start with sales,” he said.

“The residents of br will not have to travel far to take children to kindergarten or school, on the sports section, to go family to a picnic or to send a parcel in the mail. It will all be on hand. One of the main dominants of the project will become a Public center – a place of concentration of open-minded people: restaurants, cafes, fountains, a children’s club, snow hill, ivenchy – magnet, uniting people. The LCD is also a specialized clinic, family doctor, and a wide range of onboard facilities, from pet shops and co-working centres to Bank branches“, – said Nikonov.

With regard to transport infrastructure, for the residents of the district will be equipped with direct access to the main urban highways and to the metro station, Teremki” – 4 minutes on foot. Also very close is the Airport of Kiev.

“For us, it’s a community of open people. Open to the new, active, energetic, developing. For 18 years our customers have taught us a lot, and it does not give us the opportunity to stand still. We develop and move forward with them. All our projects are landmarksдля of Kiev, ocean Plaza, Parkove Misto, Comfort town, Tetris hall, IQ business center and many others, we are confident that Respublikaне will be no exception.We give a new breath to the old areas – landscape and transforms the territory adjacent to our projects; raising the level of security; raise the status of districts and the cost of housing in existing buildings on average by 25%,“ – said Nikonov.

KAN Development (KANG development) – a development company which heads the group of partner companies involved in the implementation of real estate projects of different scales and levels of complexity. Together with its partners the company is developing more than 15 projects at various stages of implementation.

The project group ARCHIMATIKA was founded in 2005 by architects Dmitry Vasilyev and Alexander Popov. During the work of the company was designed architectural objects with a total area of more than 2.5 million square meters.