The state Department expects the adoption of new sanctions against Russia

Previously, the administration was criticized because of the decision not to impose new sanctions

The U.S. state Department spokesman Heather Nauert said that would be surprised if in the future the US not imposed sanctions against Russian companies that fall under the act, which came into force at the end of January.

The administration of President Donald trump was criticized when, after the law on sanctions in force, it has published a list of Russian oligarchs, but has not taken any action against them.

Speaking Thursday to reporters, Neuert told that the state Department monitors transactions worldwide, to ensure the appropriateness of sanctions.

“As you know, we do not expect the sanctions, but I would be very surprised if in the future they were not accepted,” she added.

Neuert stressed that many us diplomats are currently trying to establish what activities fall under the law on sanctions, which Congress passed last year.

“We have hundreds of people around the world – not only here in the state Department building, but at our missions in other countries – who are engaged in combing numerous foreign transactions, transactions on the sale and so on, to determine crossed if the threshold activities of the sanctions, she said. And it’s not just the financial side. We continue this process, and this is only the beginning.”