Students call for protests against violence

Mass murder in a school in Florida has drawn renewed attention to the problem of regulation of firearms

High school students who witnessed recent mass killings in school in Florida, announced in March, the March on Washington and actions in other cities of the country, demanding the adoption of tangible measures to prevent new cases of shooting in schools.

“We will March together as students, whose lives are in danger, said senior Cameron Casey in the program “this week” on channel ABC. – It’s happened before, but no changes have occurred. Everything now.”

According to Casey, one of the goals of the March is to “shame” any politician who takes money from the National rifle Association (NSA). Schoolgirl believes that the NSA supports a culture of handling weapons, which leads to such horrors.

Other schoolgirl Emma Gonzalez said the TV channel ABC, the President, Donald trump, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Rick Scott received support from the NSA. According to her, students “want to give them the opportunity to stand on the right side.”

The white house, without going into details, said that a President trump on Wednesday will meet with students and teachers to listen to their opinions.

Trump has criticized the FBI for having “missed signals” about the intentions of Nicholas Cruz, who is accused of killing 17 people in a school named after Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida.

“It is very sad that the FBI missed all of the many signals submitted by school shooter from Florida. This is unacceptable – trump wrote on Twitter on Saturday evening. – They spend too much time trying to prove collusion with the Russian headquarters trump, while no conspiracy there. Return to the main work that we all can be proud of!”

The FBI admitted that they did not take any measures to tip on the cruise, arrived in January. The FBI reported that a close acquaintance of the arrow Nicholas Cruz on 5 January reported that the shooter owns the gun, about his “desire to kill people, unstable behavior, disturbing messages on social networks, as well as that he can have a shooting in the school.”

U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions ordered an immediate check of actions of the Ministry of justice and the FBI in response to warnings of potential mass murder.

Meanwhile, Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio on Sunday supported the Democrats proposed a state law that would allow courts to authorize police to confiscate weapons from people, if it is deemed that they pose a danger to others.

Speaking on local TV, Rubio said that such a law could have prevented the mass murder at the school.

Such a law is already in effect in California, but supporters of the right to bear arms against it, claiming that it may deprive the weapon of people who are not guilty of crimes.

Several us lawmakers urged to tighten checks of potential gun buyers, but Congress shows no desire to stop the sale of assault weapons, despite the fact that polls indicate broad support for such a ban to voters.

Republican Senator, James Lankford, speaking in the “meet the press” on NBC, said: “I have nothing against additional checks. In this case, were all warning signs concerning the mental state and intentions of the cruise”.

“The tragedy we saw in Parkland, unthinkable,” said the independent progressive Senator Bernie Sanders, speaking in the same program. According to him, it is necessary to eliminate the loophole where 40 percent of arms sales in the US occurs without the checks.

However, Cruz has passed such a test, before you buy a semi-automatic rifle AR-15.

President trump did not use the words “weapon” or “gun control” in his speech in connection with the tragedy. He stated that we are talking about with a mental health issue and strengthening the safety of schools.

Opponents of stricter gun control agree with the President. They believe that a man with a troubled past, like Cruz, who talked about plans to buy a gun, was expelled from school for behavior problems and even said that he wants to have a shooting at the school, could not afford to purchase such weapons.

According to them, the problem is weak enforcement of existing legislation on gun control. They argue that most gun owners are responsible citizens who are fans of hunting or sport shooting, or want to protect their homes. For them the main rule is safety first.

Supporters of gun control say that the rifle AR-15, which was used by Cruz intended for one purpose – to kill as many people as possible. They believe that commercial sale and private use of such weapons should be banned. In their opinion, the constitutional right to bear arms never meant such weapons to commit mass murder.

Cruz was placed in the Broward County jail without bail. The young man faced charges of first-degree murder of 17 people. Authorities claim that he confessed to the shooting.

Meanwhile, about 60 kilometers, in the County of Dade, hundreds of fans of the weapon on Sunday visited the gun show, which presented more than 100 companies that sell weapons and accessories.

Exhibition Manager Jorge Fernandez told Reuters that the event organizer, company Florida Gun Shows, did not cancel it for financial reasons.