In Kiev, the mother of 1.5 months left a 9-year-old daughter in a hostel

The Metropolitan police have prosecuted the mother, which in a month and a half left 9-year-old daughter in a hostel. The girl had to live with strangers.

This reports the press service of the police of Kiev.

“To the Metropolitan police received information from the hostel, located in the Shevchenko district of the city. According to them, in one of the rooms of mini-hotel for a long time lives a little girl without parents“, – stated in the message.

On call arrived employees of juvenile prevention, the territorial police together with employees of Service for children.

Arriving at the address, police found that the mother with her daughter settled here more than a month ago. According to documents, they arrived in the capital city of Alchevsk. Later the staff noticed that her mother is not there. All this time girl lived in a room with strangers and guests that fed the baby.

The police found that no illegal acts against the girl were not made. And soon, after a complex of search actions employees of juvenile prevention at the railway station found the girl’s mother. The woman was engaged in vagrancy and begging, besides, was drunk.

She told the police that suddenly fell ill and was taken by ambulance. Supposedly all this time, the 36-year-old woman was treated, and therefore could not pay attention to the child. These information are verified. Meanwhile, the girl on examination at the local hospital.

Open proceedings under article 166 of the criminal code (willful failure to care for a child or for a person in respect of whom is established guardianship or trusteeship).

We will remind, on February 12 in Kiev at the hem patrol arrested a very drunken parents with a three year old child. Earlier on 7 February in Nikolaev police arrested a woman who killed a newborn and carried it to the trash.