Salim Mehajer due in court over taxi driver assault charge

Seven New reports from Mr Mehajer has pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm and damage or destroy most of the incident, which took place last April involving a taxi driver.

He will be sentenced later this week.

The property developer’s plea came after an agreement has been reached with prosecutors on the charges related to the assault of a Sydney taxi driver with an EFTPOS machine outside of Star City Casino.

Mr Mehajer, who is currently in prison awaiting trial on charges of an alleged fake car accident, was on the list to proceed to Sydney Downing Centre this week.

It would have been the third time of the hearing on the allegations of serious assault was put down.

The first occasion was the day last October, when Mr Mehajer Mercedes collided with another vehicle.

The question has again been set at 31 January, when Mr Mehajer’s lawyer Brett Galloway has withdrawn from the case and he was told to find a new legal representative.

Salim Mehajer faces the media on the way to a court appearance in Sydney last year. Photo: John Grainger.

Police charged Mr Mehajer assault of taxi driver Nazir Syed (above), with a TPE of the machine. Photo: Candace Sutton..

RMS inspectors make routine checks of taxis at Star City Casino in Sydney. Photo: Gordon McComiskie

Attorney Amin al-Assad had told the court, eight civilians and six police witnesses were ready to testify at the hearing.

The witnesses, there was a triple-0 operator, and the staff of the casino, which looks at the SURVEILLANCE video of the alleged assault.

The Police alleged that at 4.30 in the morning, on Sunday 2 April last year outside the Star casino, Mr Mehajer threw an EFTPOS machine at the front of the taxi driver Nazir Syed.

Mr. Syed allegedly suffered an injury to the nose, and the police charged Mr Mehajer of assault causing bodily harm.

Taxi driver Nazir Syed (right) with his brother to leave the bombing of the Centre of the court after the Salim Mehajer hearing has been postponed until January. Photo: Candace Sutton.