The truth about our shrinking snacks

Many of the nation’s favourite treats are smaller, but of the BBC, the research has found that some prices are falling too.

Chocoholics and cookie lovers have been scandalized in recent years by news of the so-called “shrinkflation”.

It is then that the food manufacturers to reduce the weight of their products without reducing the price.

Therefore, with the traditional January detox, and many are the British to reach a sweet snack, we examined if the customer always loses.

We analyzed 19 product and to the average prices over the past four years from high street chains including Asda, Ocado/Waitrose, sainsburys and Tesco. The figures reveal that 18 out of 19 products have been lightened.

The five products affected by shrinkflation

Jaffa earthquake such as McVitie reductions in pack sizes

Over 2 500 products that are subject to shrinkflation, says ONSWhy are products getting smaller?

Manufacturers often blame the rising cost of ingredients.

Mondelez International, which makes Toblerone, said he had carried the costs for as long as possible” before deciding to make their triangles further apart.

Nestlé said it had reduced the weight sometimes reduce calories or to bring the manufacturing in different countries online.

Others point the finger at the exchange rate, in other words how their purchasing power has been hit by falls in the value of the pound sterling.

But if it is the ingredients, the exchange rate, or to save us from obesity and bad teeth, all the manufacturers insist that they give their customers value for money.

Which brings us to price, where the results are much more surprising.

While lower prices for the products are not always in proportion to the size of reductions, it is not the case that the customers are short changed all the time.

Manufacturers know that keeping their products at an affordable price is important.

Thus, while “psych” is overwhelming, the “flation” (raising prices by stealth) is going… not quite as much.

Produced by David Brown, Daniele Palumbo, Marc Bryson and Luke Keast.

About the data: 19 popular products were selected for which there is a uniform price and weight data over a period of four years. The data provided by Brandwatch.