Trump: why is not being investigated in relation to Obama?

The President wondered why his predecessor did not take measures in connection with the Russian intervention

The US President Donald trump on Wednesday once again wondered why his predecessor Barack Obama and his administration has not taken decisive measures in response to alleged Russian interference in the elections and why they have not being investigated.

Trump actually demanded that attorney General Jeff sessions has started an investigation against Obama and staff his administration.

In another tweet, the President wrote: “Question: if all the Russian intervention occurred under the Obama administration, until January 20, why their relationship is not being investigated? Why Obama did nothing in connection with the intervention? Why not investigate the crimes of the Democrats? Ask Jeff And Roman Sessions!”

In recent days, trump has repeatedly returned to this theme, criticizing the investigation of alleged ties his campaign with Russian interests before and after the election, and trying to shift attention to the Obama administration, which led the country on the eve of voting and for several weeks thereafter.

The reproach of three and Roman sessions also demonstrates that the President remains dissatisfied with the decision of the public Prosecutor to withdraw from the investigation at the “Russian case” in connection with his own contacts with the Russian Ambassador in Washington that subsequently led to the appointment of spectracolor Robert Mueller, who was appointed to lead the investigation.

Last week, Mueller filed charges against 13 Russian citizens and three organizations, saying that they were “information war” against the US by disseminating false information and calling attention to various sensitive issues in an attempt to help Trump to win the election.

Trump reluctantly acknowledged the findings of the American intelligence community and Mueller about the fact that Russia fought a campaign to help him win. He never issued a condemnation against Moscow in connection with interference in the elections, and, according to recent testimony by intelligence leaders in Congress, instructed them to take measures to prevent Russian intervention in the upcoming November midterm elections.

Trump has so far refused to impose sanctions against Russia in connection with its intervention in the elections, although it provided a bill, which Congress passed by an overwhelming majority, and trying to improve relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A month before the presidential elections in 2016, the American intelligence community has expressed concern about Russian intervention. President Obama then wanted to publish bipartisan statement about the Russian intervention, but this prevented the Senate majority leader, Republican Mitch McConnell.

After the election, in the last weeks of his presidency, Obama has imposed sanctions against nine Russian individuals and organizations in response to the intervention in the elections, and was expelled from the country for 35 Russian diplomats and shut down access to two diplomatic villas, which, according to the American authorities, were used for intelligence purposes.

Trump spoke with praise of Putin when the Russian leader has disposed to reduce staff of the us diplomatic mission in Russia 755 people – many of who are under reduction of the staff were Russian citizens. Trump said that this will allow US to save money by reducing the cost of salaries of employees.

Earlier this week, trump said that Obama did not take measures in connection with the Russian intervention, because they believed that elections are won by Clinton and “did not want to rock the boat.” He added: “When I easily won according to the voting results in the electoral College, the game took a completely different turn, and the Democrats began to use the excuse about the Russian intervention”.

In another tweet trump wrote: “I’m with Russia is much tougher than Obama: just look at the facts. Absolutely fake news.” He also praised his favorite television program Fox and Friends for the scheduling, which, in his words, “reflects the failures of the Obama administration” in the fight against the Russian military intervention in Syria and the takeover of Crimea.