SK the Russian Federation illegally charged more than 180 Ukrainian soldiers, – GPU

The investigative Committee of the Russian Federation illegally in absentia was charged with more than 180 Ukrainian soldiers, including the leadership of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. This was announced by the speaker of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Andriy Lysenko on his page in Facebook.

“At present, it has been established that SK the Russian Federation illegally and arbitrarily in absentia was charged with more than 180 soldiers of Ukraine, including the top management of the Ministry of defence of Ukraine, for alleged use of prohibited means and methods of warfare, causing harm to civilians in the territories temporarily not controlled by the government of Ukraine”, – he wrote.

At the moment, the General Prosecutor’s office investigates the facts on which the RF IC showed these illegal charges.

“Now I have already collected evidence of the groundlessness of accusations of the RF IC according to several citizens of Ukraine who were absent at the alleged time and place, and then physically could not carry out attacks temporarily uncontrolled territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions”, – said Lysenko.

In addition, the speaker denied the information about the prosecution by the Prosecutor General of the Ukrainian military personnel at the request of the SC of the Russian Federation, noting that the GPU is investigating is in fact promoting Russian on terrorist organizations “LDNR”.

“Please be informed that any requests the RF IC for this reason, prosecutors have not performed and do not run!” – he concluded.

Last summer it was reported that Russia’s Investigative Committee is investigating more than 150 criminal cases against Ukraine and military APU, which connected with the armed conflict in the Donbass. “Involved in” these cases were 108 people, 54 of them officials of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

At the moment on the territory of the Russian Federation illegally held Ukrainian Pavel Grib, S. Klyh, Oleg Sentsov, Mr Baluch and others.