Khatskevich: Controlled the game, but the forward was absent

Head coach of “Dynamo” Kyiv Oleksandr Khatskevich believes that his team could beat the Olympic with larger score in the match of the 20th round of the Ukrainian Premier League.

“The first half was hard for us. Control of the game was, but the forward was not. If the left flank we have worked quite actively, the right to do nothing. About the causes we’ll talk to the guys who played in those areas. We knew that Marseille will operate mainly defensive and initially sought to build their game through the flanks. But again, on the right edge, we do nothing happened.

Affected and the fact that only two days ago we had a match with AEK, and a special squad rotation today was not. Thus we are dependent on artists today who missed the match due to suspension. We lacked aggression Buyalsky. Affected and the absence of Khacheridi.

Burda played in the defence securely enough, but since the minutes of the 60th he began to make mistakes. However, it’s not just him. Wrong Shaparenko. A lot of unforced bending in the Central zone was from Shepelev. Well, plus, moments like Verbica and Mbokani, needs to be implemented. Then more quietly he could bring the match to a victorious conclusion.

Garmash felt discomfort. Fortunately, nothing serious he was – he just scored the thigh. But, given that we have four days from the return match with Aekom, to risk the health of Dennis there was no point.

In Gonzales, the situation is similar: there are injuries, but no muscular damage. Derlis said to be able to continue the game, but out on the field, almost immediately signalled the need for replacement.

Verbic, came with a great desire. It is clear that while there is no proper understanding with partners. Especially in the defense: you need to modify, is part of the mandatory requirements for extreme halfbacks. Verbic very upset not to have scored in that moment that he had. But because the game continues – then you have to experience, after the match,” he said Khatskevich official website of Dynamo.

We will remind that in Thursday, 22 February, Dynamo will play the return match of 1/16 finals of the Europa League against AEK.

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