In Kiev liquidated underground shop meat preparations for Shawarma

The police of Kiev found an illegal meat processing plant for the production of blanks for Shawarma. About it reports a press-service of the Metropolitan police.

Law enforcement officers found the workshop on the prospect of Stepan Bandera, which employs 10 citizens of another state without the documents entitling to stay on the territory of Ukraine.

On a clandestine enterprise, worked and lived men and women. So as not to attract attention to themselves, the illegals worked at night. Most likely, the manufacture of workpieces sanitary requirements and standards were not followed.

In the police report that the production was organized by a local resident. Drawn up under article 204 (violation of the procedure for employment, acceptance of tuition, housing, registration of foreigners and persons without citizenship and registration documents for them) the criminal code of Ukraine on administrative offences.

Will be carefully checked the legality of its business activities.

We will remind, on February 20 in Kiev region were found underground distillery, which was disguised as a sheep farm. Earlier on February 16, manevyts’kyi district, Volyn region was eliminated, the activities of the four underground shops on processing of amber.