Two guys from the Czech village went around the world in “penny”

PRAGUE, Feb 5 – RIA Novosti, Alexander Kuranov. Two 29-year-old Chekhov, Philip Vogel and Peter, Javurek, returned in late January in his native village Chesteze in Hradec Kralove region in the East of the Republic, after a 42-year-old car “Lada 2101” for 10 months 56 thousand miles on the roads of four continents and 30 countries and changing in the way only set of tires.

The model VAZ-2101, a prototype of which was the Fiat-124 and which is popularly called “penny”, was produced in the USSR from 1970 to 1988, beginning a series of “classic” models of the Volga automobile plant.
Filip Vogel and Petr Javurek the next day after returning home from world tour, close reliable friend-the car
Chchem dawns on the feast of carodejnic

It all started with a joke, which later turned into obsession. In the village Chesteze in the night of may 1, 2016 traditionally celebrated the feast of carodejnic, burning at the stake “witches” and quenching the zeal and fervor liters of beer.

— Just like Fuego! — exclaimed Philip Vogel, overlooking raging around fires.

— That would be where to go! echoed his bosom buddy Peter, Javurek drinking another mug of “Pilsner”.

— And why not? Went to the edge of the Earth! — suggested Philip.

— Round the world trip! — supported Peter.
Tajikistan, Pamir

On the implementation of the plan, the friends began seriously to reflect on the next day, despite the teasing relatives and neighbors.

The idea of a voyage round the world was not born in a vacuum. Previously, they have travelled the length and breadth of the UK, traveled through the Balkan countries, then on the old “Opel” made it through Ukraine and Belarus to St. Petersburg. Philip knows the English language, copes with the role of the organizer and Navigator, and for Peter there are no secrets in autodele. Why not take a chance this time with a long trip?
So travelers were met Moscow in April 2017
Better “the Zhiguli” there is no machine for the RTW trip

Immediately the question arose: where to go to distant lands? Friends came from existing cash resources and the reliability of transport, which have to withstand the test of cold, heat, desert and altitude. After much deliberation and searching we settled on “the Zhiguli”. Firstly, it is the opinion of the guys could survive without the vagaries of a 10-month journey to four continents in different climatic conditions. Second, the “Frets” of different modifications were sold for several decades in dozens of countries, so almost everywhere in the world it was possible to expect if not on parts, then at least for tips on repair. And thirdly, a used version of this car can be purchased from the hands for little money.

No sooner said than done, began to search for any in the County “Lada”. Went through several suggestions until you’ve settled on a 42-year-old blue handsome, which cost only 15 thousand crowns (about 600 euros). A friend of a grandpa most of my life had to deal with the products of AVTOVAZ, helped to bring the car to an acceptable condition. The motor, however, had to take another old “Lada”.
In Bolivia

While Peter worked on technique, Philip was preparing everything else. Laid still a virtual route, called up and written off potential helpers in different countries, looking for sponsors in his native land, and in the Czech capital.

Eventually managed to scrape together 700 thousand CZK (about 28 thousand euros). This amount, according to the calculations guys, should be enough for gasoline, food, cost of sea ferries, visas and other documents, as well as the possible repairs. Had planned to spend the night in the tent. Trip out for 10 months – precisely the period of unpaid leave, taken by Peter in the factory, Philip, in a prestigious Prague University, where he has just defended his thesis.
On Lake Baikal
April snow

The path was broken April 14, 2017. The latter-day “Zikmunda and Gansaku” (the famous Czech travellers, who traveled in the 1950-ies the whole world) watched the whole village, under the tears of mothers and humorous farewell friends.

The first surprise was waiting for the guys already on the territory of Poland. Despite the middle of April, roads are unexpectedly snowbound, which is then accompanied Peter and Philip to the Volga. So the first night because of the cold had to be in the tent and in the car.
In Kyrgyz family
AvtoVAZ was also excellent

In Moscow the guys suddenly they were met by a crowd of journalists, who learned from the reports of the agencies about the journey of two young Czechs in the old Soviet “penny”. But even better was meeting in Togliatti representatives of AVTOVAZ. The guests were welcomed, including one of the veterans of the enterprise, Yuriy Tselikov, working here since 1972 and was at the time of the sale of “Lada” in the socialist countries of Eastern Europe, including Czechoslovakia. Of course, avtovazovtsy could not let go of Philip and of Peter, not subjecting them to the car a careful inspection and repair.

Well, then continued almost non-stop mnogokilometrovoy way across Central Asia to Vladivostok, then by ferry to the USA and there “peaks and valleys” through all of Latin and South America to the Tierra del Fuego. Home thoroughly overgrown beards guys reached first on a container ship across the Atlantic ocean, and then “four” from Antwerp in his native village Chesteze.
AVTOVAZ, the Czechs showed the production process
No accidents not alright

No problem anywhere in the path arose. Nor, for example, on the border of Tajikistan and Afghanistan, along which I had to go because of bad weather, or in the “low” associated with drug trafficking, Colombia — says Philip.

“Jiguli” all the way was very reliable. Problems arose only in the Pamirs and the Andes, and even then only due to the thin Alpine air. However, along the legendary Pamir highway we climbed to the pass Akbaital at the height of 4655 meters (see photo), and the Andes reached altitudes of approximately 4500 meters, adds Peter.

Little accidents during the trip, however, was.
Littoral, inspection machines before shipping to the USA

In Mexico and Ecuador we squeezed first the left, then the right wing. In both cases, they failed to self-correct. And with broken turn signals while I had carefully collected from the road, glued and covered on top with transparent tape. And got with such a “repair” to the house, — says Peter.

In Mexico, the guys even managed to conduct an unscheduled inspection. Their car was seen living here Cuban, who for two decades was engaged in the service of “Zhiguli” at the island. Stopped them, find out who, where, and lured to your service station, where a little handled all the arrangements.
In Argentina, the inspection on their own
Police in Kyrgyzstan are stricter than in USA

As recognized by Peter and Philip, a serious problem they had on arrival in the US, where customs officials found irregularities in the clearance of import documents for the car. They were made a new friend young Czechs in Vladivostok, debuting in this matter, and made a few mistakes. The guys have already suggested “the gate turn” and a new version of the continuation of the journey. Fortunately, U.S. customs was in the end the good people, own all the issued and allowed the young Czechs to their country.

There, in the US, the police tried to fine them for too low speed when driving on the highway, but too simple. But Kyrgyz police earlier was more fundamental. First, they punished the boys for the drive with dipped headlights day in the southern part of the Republic, and then, in the Northern part of the country — for driving in the day without lights. Fortunately, during both times of bargaining, the Czechs managed to negotiate a very acceptable amount.
Tajikistan, Pamir
Christmas tree on the ocean

Christmas 2017 Peter and Philip met in Uruguay, already leaving behind the purpose of the trip – the land of Fire. On the Atlantic ocean the guys waiting for the container ship pitched a tent, set a 40-inch Christmas tree with decorations, prepared the traditional Christmas potato salad. And the new 2018 already met on the ship, in the company of his team — four Bulgarians and 16 Filipinos and one passenger, a German.

At home they were welcomed as real heroes, and they unanimously pointed to his “Zhiguli”: “he’s the real hero! Drove on the roads 30 countries and requested in the middle of the road only complete replacement rubber on wheels”.
Motor “penny” survived the circumnavigation

But for new journeys it is not good, and hardly a year will pass inspection. Perhaps we will give it to the Museum of AVTOVAZ, there are such Champions, it seems, no, — said Peter.

Not having time to relax, tidy up the diaries and photographs, which may be issued and in the book, children are already dreaming about the new journeys.

“It would be great to drive through Siberia, we sunk into the soul of local places and people” — dreamily sighed Philip.