The police repression of the online drug trade

The seizure in Brisbane comes as police continue to investigate an overdose of the mass of students at a Gold Coast high school after which they took an unknown drug believed to have purchased online.

Police on Thursday seized packages of cannabis, methylamphetamine and a variety of performance-enhancing substances in the ninth operation of its kind since May of last year.

This latest drug bust is the result of Police of Queensland, Australia, Border Force and Australia Post, that work together to target the distribution of medications through the domestic mail stream is online and the environment, under the Direct Operation.

There were 30 separate detections of illegal and performance-enhancing substances in the Brisbane mail centre. Source: Queensland Police.

In total, two kilograms of cannabis, 26 grams of methylamphetamine, 30mls of liquid analogues, 57, pharmaceutical tablets, 150 grams of performance and image enhancing drugs, and dust, and the 1390 mls of performance and image enhancing liquid are recorded in the day yesterday the sting.

Since the police has seized more than $ 700,000 worth of dangerous drugs and arrested five people.

The nine separate mail operations have resulted in 462 individual detections. This includes the seizure of 25 kg of cannabis, 2.12 kg of methylamphetamine, or Ice, 154g of cocaine, 715 LSD tabs, 170g of MDMA powder, 1954 tablets of MDMA, 1333 pharmaceutical tablets, 2916 performance and image enhancing tablets, four litres of performance and image enhancing liquid, four grams of heroin, 16 mg of fentanyl, and $61,050 in cash.

Border Force regional commander Terry Price said that the people who purchase drugs online, you run the risk of not getting what they paid for which can lead to serious consequences.

A sheet is used to protect the seven students who were rushed from St Stephen’s school in the hospital. Image: Nine News.

“We have had many cases, and unlucky on the Gold Coast, is another, where people are the purchase of substances online or at overseas suppliers, and our position is that it is extremely dangerous and people should avoid it,” he said.

“For those who are participating in it, as this recent action demonstrates, we will track, and take you.”

On Wednesday, seven students of the Gold Coast private college, which is believed to be all boys, were admitted in the hospital.

The boys collapsed at St Stephen’s College after having ingested a substance believed to be the Russian designer drug Phenibut.