Two American women are disfigured little girl, swiping over her voodoo

MOSCOW, 4 Feb — RIA Novosti. In the American state of Massachusetts two women mutilated a five-year girl, swiping over her Haitian voodoo ritual at the request of his mother, according to local TV.

It is noted that the 40-year-old Rachel Hilar and 51-year-old Peggy La Busier convinced the mother of the little girl that the child was possessed by an evil spirit, and then conducted a magical ritual to banish it.

According to the testimony of eight-year-old brother girls, women tied her up, burned over the Lily water and other unknown substances on the eyes of a child. Also women threatened to cut the boy’s head with a machete.

Police say the chemicals used in the child abuse, left her face burns which may not be able to heal. At the moment, the girl and her brother are under the care of the state.

Both women are detained. They brought a number of charges, including causing bodily harm and assault.